CEO of COFCO Coca-Cola talks about Coca-Cola’s strategic adjustment and five-year goal


For Qing Lijun, CEO of COFCO Coca-Cola, 2020 should be the most extraordinary year in his career. After working in the company for 20 years, he took over the post of CEO from January last year, and soon after taking up his new job, he met the "big challenge" of COVID-19. However, COFCO Coca-Cola still delivered a financial report with double growth in revenue and profit last year.

For COFCO Coca-Cola, another important change brought about last year was that Coca-Cola, which worked closely with COFCO Coca-Cola, made major strategic adjustments, including cutting its brand portfolio.

Qing Lijun pointed out that COFCO Coca-Cola will not suffer negative impact thereby, but the new strategy will improve the efficiency of new product introduction and communication between the two parties. In addition, the brands operated by COFCO Coca-Cola "can be retained". After the brand sort-out is completed, the company can introduce more new brands to China more efficiently.

In 2021, the company also set the goal of "rebuilding a COFCO Coca-Cola in five years", and strive to lead the industry in terms of market share in its operating area in the next five years.