Today Tim Hortons invested by Tencent opens its first shop in South China – A dialogue with the China CMO

Tims plans to increase the number of its stores in China at a faster rate, with a total of nearly 400 stores to open by the end of this year, said He Bin, chief marketing officer of Tims China, in an exclusive conversation with Foodinc. Interestingly, Tims also received support from Tencent, its shareholder, in the location selection of stores. He told Foodinc that Tims will cooperate with Tencent to promote smart location selection.

High cost performance has been described as one of Tims’ core competitive advantages. It has a very clear pricing strategy: products are priced from 15 to 30 yuan, just between Starbucks and Luckin Coffee. He believes that in the post-pandemic era, consumers are more inclined to choose high-quality, cost-effective products, which presents a good opportunity for Tims.

Additionally, He told Foodinc that in March or April this year, Tims will open a flagship store on Tmall to launch packaged retail coffee products for the first time, including drip coffee and freeze-dried coffee. “It’s the first time we launch our own retail coffee product in China, and we decide to market it via the e-commerce channel first,” she said.