Totole is going to make a difference — An exclusive interview with the company president

In an exclusive conversation with Foodinc, Totole’s president Zhang Xiqiang said that Totole’s core operating strategy in 2021 can be described with three words: “Growth is the only solution to all problems, innovation is the only driver for growth, and consumers and clients are the only focus of innovation." Despite the COVID-19 impact in 2020, the company still achieved “a favorable year-on-year growth” in 2020. In 2021, Totole aims for a higher growth target, and by 2023, the business scale is expected to be kept at 10 billion yuan.

Speaking of the way to achieve fast growth, Zhang Xiqiang said that it goes far more than product innovation, also including innovation in operation mode, team organization and work process. “For example, the to B business comes with a lot of potential growth opportunities, including point redemption in cooperation with bank credit cards. However, it is hard to drive these opportunities into Totole’s current system. That’s why we need to change our organizational structure to meet new challenges in new products and new models,” said he.
To further unleash its growth potential, Totole also targets on the vast lower-tier urban and rural markets, concentrating on “People, Goods and Market”. Since the start of this year, Totole has internally launched a “Xian Partner” program for distributors, offering specific products to the market in lower-tier cities, including products with higher cost performance, and a program called “Ten Thousand Stores”.