Mars Wrigley China continuously increases innovation efforts, says Vice President of R&D

Mars Wrigley, a food giant with many well-known brands including Dove, Snickers, M&M'S, Wrigley, Extra, Crispy and Skittles, is continuously increasing its efforts in all-round innovation in China to meet the demands of the new generation of Chinese consumers.

"The ultimate goal of Mars is to satisfy consumers. Therefore, as long as it is a consumer demand, we are willing to continuously try from an innovative perspective," said Dong Hong, Vice President of R&D for Mars Wrigley China in a conversation with Foodinc today.

Mars Wrigley is accelerating innovation as a driving force for the company's development, providing Chinese consumers with a more diverse product selection, and collaborating with consumers to create a sustainable lifestyle.

Dong Hong, Vice President of R&D for Mars Wrigley China

In addition, Mars is continuing to develop exclusive products for the Chinese market that "incorporate Chinese culture" to better meet the needs of local consumers. "We deeply understand that in order to further develop and better meet the needs of local consumers in the Chinese market, we must constantly expand the playing field and product boundaries, and quickly respond to consumer demands. These are all opportunities for innovation for traditional consumer goods companies," said Dong Hong.

Utilizing multiple brands to form an integrated advantage has always been one of Mars' strengths and is also the confidence that they can meet the needs of Chinese consumers. Seeking opportunities to expand their playing field further helps Mars Wrigley to enhance this advantage. This chocolate and chewing gum giant is expanding its business portfolio, entering into categories such as ice cream and biscuits, and launching more "cross-category" products.

Mars Wrigley is also accelerating the promotion of sustainable packaging innovation, co-creating a green lifestyle with consumers, and efficiently utilizing limited resources while exploring the application of recycled materials. In addition to encouraging the use of sustainable packaging, Mars Wrigley also wants the industry and consumers to see the potential of recycling and reusing soft plastics.

"I am very confident that if the government, companies, and society work together to face challenges, we can lay a solid foundation for a better and promising future," Dong Hong said to Foodinc.