A dialogue with the new leadership of Wyeth who has taken office for one year

This July marks the first anniversary of Zhang Suyi’s appointment as head of Wyeth Nutrition GCR under Nestlé. Despite the drastic changes in the milk powder industry, channels and consumers, Wyeth still achieved its expected performance at this year’s 618 Shopping Festival, with a double-digit growth in cross-border products. According to Zhang Suyi, the cross-border business is an important window into Wyeth’s brand image as an innovation leader, and the ultra-high-end category remains the key strategy.

Despite the limited positive impact of the “three-child” policy on the market in the short term, Wyeth still sees new opportunities and room for growth, not only because consumers have demand for differentiated formula and advanced formula milk powder products, including organic formula and special formula milk powder, but also there is a rising need for nutritional supplements and immunity enhancement during the pandemic threat, which has led to a fast growth in the nutritional products for mothers and infants. As far Zhang Suyi sees it, challenged with dramatic changes in the milk powder industry, enterprises must actively respond with an open mind and keep close to the market and consumers all the time.